Catchmaster Bedbug Detection box of 72 traps - BDS Monitors

Catchmaster Bedbug Detection box of 72 traps - BDS Monitors
Catchmaster Bedbug Detection box of 72 traps - BDS Monitors
Brand: Catchmaster APG
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BDS Monitors - Catchmaster Bedbug Detection 1 box of 72 traps

The Catchmaster BDS (Bedbug Detection System) is a patented device designed to detect bed bugs. BDS is a passive monitoring device that provides what would be considered a perfect harborage area for bed bugs - a place they prefer to hide and breed. Bedbugs favor tight, dark spaces and textured surfaces. This is why they tend to hide in cracks and crevices of wooden furniture or in the creases of mattresses. Bedbugs also like the small grooves in corrugated boxes.The Catchmaster BDS trap recreates these favorable conditions using a unique patented adhesive pattern that is coated on a coarse cardboard surface that bed bugs love. The combination offers bedbugs an ideal place to hide. Once bed bugs enter a BDS trap, they get stuck on the glue adhesive inside.

Catchmaster BDS traps can be used in infested or non-infested rooms for bed bug detection. They can help you determine if bed bugs have infested a new room, or if your treatment of an existing infestation is working. If you continue to see bed bugs caught in the BDS, then you need to continue treatment until the bed bugs are eradicated.

Please note that the Catchmaster BDS should be used along with other treatment methods and cannot be used as 100% proof that a room is bed bug free

MONITOR SIZE: 1.81” x 6.25”  PACKED: 6 placements per sheet, 12 sheets per box. 

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