CB-80 Insecticide Dual Spray Action 0.5% Pyrethrin Aerosol -17 oz can

CB-80 Insecticide Dual Spray Action 0.5% Pyrethrin Aerosol -17 oz can
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CB-80 Insecticide Dual Spray Action 0.5% Pyrethrin Aerosol (17 oz can)


CB 80 Aerosol Packaging : 17 oz cans 
A more economical alternative would be V One Pyrethrum Aerosol 
CB 80 Pyrethrum Aerosol - 17 oz
•    0.50% Pyrethrins 
•    4% PBO, technical 
•    crack and crevice tip 
•    quick knock down. 
•    A more economical alternative would be V One Pyrethrum Aerosol 

CB-80 Extra has earned an outstanding reputation for ultra-fast knock down and kill of cockroaches and over 20 other pests. It isiIdeal as a space or crack and crevice spray, CB-80 Extra boasts a broad list of use areas, including restaurants and other food-handling establishments, meat packing and food processing plants, food storage areas, hospitals, supermarkets, motels and hotels, residences, utilities, and transportation equipment.

CB-80 Extra is acetone-free, compliant with all current VOC standards and contains no ozone-depleting substances. The propellant and solvent have been designed to dissipate harmlessly in the air, eliminating the concern for ozone damage. CB-80 Extra can be applied around electrical junction boxes.
CB 80 or PT 565 Plus have excellent flushing action and compact size make them ideal for use in inspections.
•    food handling. PT 565 Plus or CB 80 have USDS approval 
•    CB 80 or PT 565 work for flying or crawling insects 
•    Crawling insects Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets,Bed Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Silverfish, Spiders,Sowbugs ,Clover Mites, Millipedes, Ticks. 
•    Flying Insects: Grain moths, Chocolate Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Cloth Moths, Cluster Flies, Confused Flour Beetles, Fleas, Flies, Fruit Flies, Grain Mites, Granary Weevils Confused Flour Beetles, Red Flour Beetles, Drug Store Beetles, Saw tooth Beetles,Merchant Grain Beetles, Pantry pest, Horn Flies, Wasps, Bees , Flies, Yellow Jackets, Hornets,Gnats , Mosquitoes. 
•    PT 565 is labeled for use in around: campgrounds, food storage areas, homes, hospitals, hotels, food and bottling processing plants, restaurants, food handling establishments, schools, supermarkets, warehouses, and other commercial and industrial buildings. 
•    Pyrethrins are natural insecticides found in daisy-like chrysanthemum flowers grown and harvested in Kenya, Africa, and Australia. Pyrethrins have a low order of toxicity to warm-blooded animals and can be used in the home. 
•    When pyrethrins are combined with a synergist like piperonyl butoxide, its "killing power" against insects increases. 
•    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that synergized pyrethrum "is probably the safest of all insecticides for use in food plants" and that "a pyrethrum formulation is approved for use around foodstuffs." 
•    Pyrethrin may be used with safety in food plants, homes, and around animals where more hazardous materials cannot be used. It has a long history of satisfactory use around mammals and birds. 
•    Pyrethrin and the synergists are biodegradable and rapidly disintegrate in sunlight and air, thus assuring you that there will be no excessive build-up of insecticides dispensed in the area being treated. 

•    Pyrethrin also possesses substantial inherent repellency of insects. 
•    Observations in food establishments demonstrate that flies are not immediately killed but are found more often on windowsills or near doorways supporting the observation that pyrethrins are effective repellents, kill slowly due to the low dosage applied, and drive the fly to seek the outdoors before dying. 

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