NUVAN ProStrips (65 grams X 3 strips) Large

NUVAN ProStrips (65 grams X 3 strips) Large
NUVAN ProStrips (65 grams X 3 strips) Large NUVAN ProStrips (65 grams X 3 strips) Large
Brand: AMVAC
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NUVAN ProStrips (65 grams X 3 Strips) Large

Product Features

AMVAC Nuvan Pro Strips in the larger 65 gram size. Nuvan Pro Strips with Dichlorvos releases a vapor, designed to kill labeled pests that may be hiding for up to four months. Nuvan Pro Strips releases a clean and odorless vapor that is distributed evenly throughout an enclosed area.

Pests don’t have a chance near Nuvan® Prostrips®. They are the only product containing DDVP available to the professional pest management market for residential use. Simply place this effective strip in an enclosed area and the slow-release vapor controls flying and crawling pests including flies, moths, roaches and more. It works continuously for up to four months with no odor and no mess. 

Remove Nuvan ProStrips from sealed bag when ready to use, placing it in desired location, keeping them out of reach of children or pets and away from windows.
One 65 gram NuvanStrip will treat 900 to 1200 cubic feet (average room 10’ x 13’ with an 8-foot ceiling) and last for four months. The vapor action of Nuvan Prostrips is effective in difficult-to-reach areas such as crawl spaces, attics and other hidden or enclosed areas.

Nuvan ProStrips kill bed bugs and bed bug nymphs and eggs.

Allow between 48 hours to 72 hours of exposure. Excellent product to use for items like books, clocks, radios, art work, shoes, wall hangings, electronics, appliances, printers, computers,telephones and more. It works best if you put these items in a large garbage bag and enclose the Nuvan Strip inside, allowing the vapors to penetrate the items.

Pests:    Ants, Bed bugs, Cockroaches, Bees, Hornets, Wasps and Yellow Jackets, Pantry Pests, Flies, Mosquitoes, Spiders.

Areas of Use​: Residential and commercial Warehouses Food storage areas, Industrial Difficult to service areas, Trash compactor areas, Trash dumpster areas, Crawl spaces, Attics, Closets, Pantries, Storage areas, Cabinets, Vacation homes, RVs Mobile homes, To protect unique collectibles, Boats Barns Storage sheds, Trash receptacles

The active ingredient in NUVAN PROSTRIPS, DDVP, is an organophosphate insecticide, which works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase. During normal nerve impulse transmission in insects, an impulse is passed from one neuron to another via a substance called acetylcholine. After the impulse is transmitted, acetylcholine must be broken down to prevent additional impulses from being initiated. The enzyme that allows this breakdown to occur is called acetylcholinesterase. DDVP inhibits acetylcholinesterase, allowing acetylcholine to continue to induce impulses, which paralyzes the insect’s nervous system and eventually cause it to die. 

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