Termidor SC Termiticide-Insecticide – 20oz

Termidor SC Termiticide-Insecticide – 20oz
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Termidor SC Termiticide/Insecticide – 20oz

Termidor SC - Fipronil 9.1%

Termidor SC,a non-repellent inseticide and termiticide with Fipronil 9.1% has been used for years as an effective termite control product.

Termites and Ants Can't Detect Non Repellents

Termidor SC and Taurus SC are classified as non repellent for termites and ants. The termites and ants can't detect their presence. Termidor SC 20 oz. makes about 24 gallons. Taurus SC makes about 25 gallons. Get 100% termite-free in as little as 3 months .

  • Kills individual termites two ways : by contact and by ingestion.
  • The technology of Termidor SC is an advancement over other termite insecticides that are only repellent barriers.
  • Because Termidor SC is made up nonrepellents, they are  undetectable by termites. Termites or ants can not see, smell, taste or avoid Termidor SC or Taurus SC. Instead, they contact, ingest, and share it with others in the colonies.
  • Repellent termite insecticides can be avoided by termites by their detection, Termidor solves that problem.
  • When termites contact Termidor SC, they transfer ("transfer effect") it to others in the termite colony.
  • And because Termidor SC is a slow-acting termiticide, termites have plenty of time to spread it throughout their entire termite colony.
  • And although the Termidor effect on individual termites is intentionally slow, the overall colony management is fast: significantly faster than bait systems.
  • These non-repellents can be faster than baiting systems. Their unique "transfer effect" manages termite colonies a lot faster than termite bait systems.
  • And unlike a bait system, they give you 100% protection from Day 1. There's no long waiting period where termites are being attracted to the bait.
  • Termidor  SC and Taurus SC are long lasting. Government and other tests in the US and abroad have shown that in almost 9 years there has been no break or reduction in their effectiveness

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